Display Server does not boot and stops at a black screen

After restarting the display server, it does not boot.

Problem description:

  • Display Server stops at at black screen and does not boot

There is a known issue with some versions of the 2018-drivers from AMD. In order to get rid of an audio bug, WATCHOUT set a registry key for the AMD GPU driver on start up. This can be an issue for some GPU + Driver combinations. 

However, there is a command line argument that can be used when starting up WATCHOUT which removes this registry key:

- WmAudioRegFix off

In order to keep it in this state the command should be used at every start up of the system. If it is not, the registry key will be set, which might not be what you want. After the first change on your system you will need to reboot it in order to make it work.


Last Updated: 5 jun 2019 09:05