How to add a delay to start WATCHOUT

For a number of reasons you might want to add a delay before WATCHOUT starts. This article explains how it is done on a WATCHPAX 20.

Problem description:

  • How do I delay WATCHOUT from starting on a WATCHPAX
  • Delaying the WATHCPOINT (WATCHOUT display server) start

Some times you want to delay the start of WATCHOUT. This can be because there are other drivers, such as USB or Network cards, that needs to initialise before WATCHOUT starts. To solve this on a WATCHPAX 20 is simple.

You start notepad and create a text file named startdelay.txt and save it in the WATCHOUT directory. The absolute path is: d:\watchout\startdelay.txt

In this text file you write a digit which will be the delay in seconds. Default is 5 secs so you can start testing with 10 secs so see if it helps your particular problem.

This fix is used for capture or sound devices time to initialize before WATCHOUT.


Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 15:23