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How to choose the right Windows 10 version for WATCHOUT?

Which version of Windows should I use for my self built WATCHOUT server.

Choosing the right Windows 10 version for WATCHOUT:

  • What is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise?
  • Why should I choose Windows 10 Enterprise over Windows 10 Pro
  • Which version of Windows should I use?

Answer: You can probably use which edition you want. Windows professional editions usually come with more pre-installed software (bloatware) and requires more effort to tweak to a stable state. Later versions contain more features and has a larger footprint.

It's probably easier to obtain a specific version like 1709 for enterprise than pro.

At Dataton we are currently (September 2018) using Windows Enterprise 1607 LTSB and Enterprise 1709 and have decided not to configure and tweak other editions.

Note that you will need a volume licensing agreement if you are deploying a clone image to multiple devices.

Windows Enterprise has exclusive the option of running LTSB (Long Term Service Branch), and you have the possibility to 100% remove windows upgrade.

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Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 15:19