Display Server is losing connection with Production Server

This article covers some of the common reasons why the Display Server may lose connection with the Production Server. Many times, this is due to a network or a display issue.

Problem description:

- Display server loses connection with production server

- Production server is disconnected

First step is to check the firewall settings on both machines. From the user guide:

The Windows firewall may interfere with normal operation of WATCHOUT. You can avoid this either by disabling the firewall, or by configuring the firewall to allow WATCHOUT to function.

If the problems persists, with the firewall either disabled or configured according to the user guide, the second step is to check if it is a network related problem (such as a switch/router). This can be done by bypassing the entire network and run a network cable directly between both machines. Make sure to disable all other network interfaces such as WiFi and Bluetooth. If the problem is solved, the network equipment can be seen as the culprit.

Often an unmanaged switch is preferred, instead of a managed switch, due to its more basic operation.


Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 15:17