How do I set up sync on s400 without house reference?

This article covers how to setup sync using an AMD s400 card, using one of the displays as reference.

If you are up sync using an AMD s400 card without the use a house sync reference, you can use one of the displays as reference. On the computer that you want to use as a synchronisation timing server/conductor follow these steps:

  1. Select one of the display outputs as timing server in the dropdown menu
  2. Check the other displays on the server as timing clients
  3. Check the RJ-45 ports as timing clients
  4. Apply
  5. Reboot the computer

On the other computer (client/performer):

  1. Check all connected displays as timing clients
  2. Apply (after this step you should see a RJ-45 icon together with a green check mark in the state column for each synchronized display)
  3. Reboot the computer

Note that the timing server dropdown should be set to none (default value).


Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 14:17