Frame-drops using USB 3.0 capture device

This problem may occur when using USB 3.0 devices and you are trying to capture content where the bandwidth surpasses what USB 3.0 is capable of.

Problem description:

  • I experience frame-drops when using USB 3.0 capture devices
  • Frame-drops with multiple USB 3.0 devices

The test has been done using Magewell USB Capture 4K Plus:

  • Media material: 4K 60p (capture setting of WATCHOUT: 2160P 60Hz) results in frame-drops.
  • Media material: 4K 30p (capture setting of WATCHOUT: 2160P 30Hz ) does not result in frame-drops.

Another test, with 2 pcs x Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen2:

  • Media material: Full HD 60p (capture setting of WATCHOUT: 1080P 60Hz) frame-drop occurs.

In this case it is simply the bandwidth of USB 3.0 that is the problem.


Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 14:47