Things to consider when importing or planning to import MPCDI files to WATCHOUT 6.4 or higher

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  • I need to import MPCDI into WATCHOUT
  • Help with MPCDI in WATCHOUT
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WATCHOUT supports the MPCDI 1.0 standard, and in the WATCHOUT user guide, you will see that the import is a straight-forward procedure. You select the MPCDI file and click OK.

The differences between v1 to v2 are not significant, at least when it comes to the format of the files.

In order to create a file compatible with WATCHOUT (MPCDI v1) you can more or less follow the v2 specifications with a few exceptions:

  • Unlike MPCDI v2 MPCDI v1 does not have separate level specifications for geometry and color. The level is instead represented by only one attribute, level="[level]" .

WATCHOUT can take level 1 or 3 (which is comparable to level Geometry level 1 and 2 of MPCDI V2). WATCHOUT is only capable of handling what is comparable to Color level one of MPCDI v2.

  • The optional extensionSet tag in v2 does not exist in v1.
  • There is no support for LUTs in v1.

An example of a valid heading in the XML file is: <MPCDI profile="2d" level="3" date="2019-02-01 10:12:21" version="1.0">

Here you can get the specification of MPCDI version 2:

3rd party tools supporting MPCDI

There is a number of applications on the market supporting MPCDI. Here are a few of them:


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