Interpretation/conversion of error codes in WATCHOUT

Sometimes an error message in WATCHOUT can be converted into Hexadecimal to give more information.

Some error codes in WATCHOUT includes a Decimal value e.g.:

"Operating system error: 2147220927"

by converting the Decimal value into Hexadecimal and run a search on for example Google may give you a more detailed error description or a clue of what may have went wrong.

Good to know when making the conversion is that all error messages are to be interpreted and converted as negative values i.e. -2147220927 in the above case.

Warning messages, however, are positive values.

When converting -2147220927 to Hexadecimal it gives you = FFFFFFFF80040241.

Remove the letters, add a "0"(zero) and an "x" (lower case x)  which gives you = 0x80040241

Running a google-search on this Hexadecimal value will give you more detailed information about the issue, in this particular case = VFW_E_CANNOT_LOAD_SOURCE_FILTER 


Last Updated: March 4, 2020 13:47