How to upgrade WATCHOUT 6 license to WATCHOUT 7?

Problem description: License upgrade from WATCHOUT 6 to WATCHOUT 7

The upgrade from WATCHOUT version 6 to 7 is an electronic upgrade. You must, however, have the physical license keys available to complete the process.

To upgrade WATCHOUT 6 to 7, you need to install WATCHOUT 7 first! All steps below should be done in WATCHOUT 7 software.


The electronic upgrade described below can only be performed on version 6 micro keys with serial numbers of 3-344xxxx or higher. If your license has lower serial number, please contact Dataton Partner in your region or

1. To upgrade your license key(s), first make sure they all appear in the License Manager in WATCHOUT 7

Connect the keys to your production computer or any online display computer. In WATCHOUT 7 go to the Help menu and select Watchout Licenses... Licence1

2. Select your license keys in the list, then click the “Copy As Text” button to copy the license key information codes to the clipboard.

The extracted codes should resemble the example below. 

Licence14 (1)

3. Send the extracted codes to Dataton via your local Dataton partner.

Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with your upgrade information.

4. Select and copy all text in the email containing your upgrade information to the clipboard

5. Connect the license keys to the computer. Open WATCHOUT and choose Watchout Licenses on the Help menu again. Select your license keys in the list and click the “Paste Update" button. 

When successfully stored in the license key, you can see number 7 in the “Version” column.



Upgraded license keys can be used with both versions 6 and 7 of WATCHOUT interchangeably


Last Updated: 24 May 2024 11:35