How to upgrade a WATCHPAX server from WATCHOUT version 5 to version 6

Before you allow your WATCHOUT Production to update the WATCHOUT software to any v6 version on your WATCHPAX server you need to verify that the license key inside supports both versions.

Verification that your server supports both versions is very important as the server may become non-functional if you attempt to update a WATCHPAX containing a version 5 only license to version 6.

The first thing you must do is determine the status of the hardware license inside your WATCHPAX:
- Use WATCHOUT 5.5.x to read the hardware license status. 
- Open an existing show or a simple dummy show to establish connection with your WATCHPAX unit. Use the test button in the display dialog and the WATCHOUT network window to confirm then go online to read the license status.
- Once online, go to Window - License Manager.
- Select all entries seen in the License Manager window and use the delete key to remove them.
- Check "scan online displays too" and then click the "Scan License Keys" button.

You will now see an accurate representation of the current status of your production license and all of your online WATCHPAX hardware licenses.

  • If your WATCHPAX show listings 5,6 in the version column, you are ok to move on to do the software update.

  • If your WATCHPAX show only 5 in the version column, you must first electronically upgrade to WATCHOUT version 6 prior to migrating the v6 software to your WATCHPAX.

The upgrade can be purchased from your local Dataton Partner.

Software update
Once you have confirmed the license in your WATCHPAX supports both v5 and v6,
you are clear to migrate the WATCHOUT 6 software to your WATCHPAX server:
- Install WATCHOUT version 6 on your product computer.
- Open an existing show or a dummy show and establish connection with your WATCHPAX.
- Go online.
- When asked if you want to upgrade the WATCHOUT software, say “yes”.
HANDS OFF from this point. Ignore any errors that appear during the software migration. License key not found may pop up, this is normal as the update process at one point has both the old versions and the new version running at the same time, and only one can use the key.
Once you are sure the update is complete, i.e. you see the splash screen with the WATCHOUT 6 logo, reboot the whole system.

Now, you are good to go.


Last Updated: April 22, 2020