How to start a show using the startup script?

WATCHOUT can be run in cluster mode. This means that the production computer and interface is disconnected from the system and that you are either running your show using an external control system or without controlling it at all.


  1. Open WATCHPOINT (WO display server software) in window mode to access file menu (easiest way is to do it by WATCHOUT remote access)
  2. Open startup script (File → Edit startup script)
  3. Remove comment indicators (";") from file.


Common startup script commands

authenticate - Perform authentication. Required only for display software.

load - Load a show and get ready to run. Parameter syntax differs

setLogoString - Displays a message on the startup screen.

delay - Introduces a delay between commands (command file use only)

wait - Waits for the entire display cluster to become established (cluster only).

run - Start running, optionally specifying an auxiliary timeline name.


authenticate 1

setLogoString "The show will begin shortly"

delay 10000

load "myShow"




Last Updated: 31 maj 2019 14:21