How to autostart the show with WATCHOUT 7

Problem description: How to autostart the WATCHOUT 7 show on media servers.

To autostart the show with WATCHOUT 7, you need to do 3 basic steps:
  1. Run the show that you want to autostart from the Producer first. This will load the show to the servers.
    Important notes:
    - you need to setup Director on one of media servers
    - you need to have at least one timeline with auto run. If you have zero timelines autorunning, the show will load, but you will see black screens only 
  2. Setup the autostart as described here (after that the servers will always run the last loaded show):
    You can just skip this step for all WATCHPAX units, as this is already preprogrammed in advance.
  3. You can disconnect the Producer and just restart the servers. The show should start automatically.


Last Updated: 24 May 2024 10:58