How to set a fixed IP address on a WATCHPAX?

Problem description: How to set a fixed IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP address and DNS IP address on a WATCHPAX.

You can edit the Startup Script in WATCHOUT to define initial WATCHPAX settings. This lets you load shows and perform other WATCHOUT protocol commands, such as setIP. For more information, please see the WATCHOUT User’s Guide, Command Line Options, “Display Software”.


  1. Open WATCHPOINT (WATCHOUT display server software) in window mode to access the File menu:
    - the easiest way is to do it by WATCHOUT remote access from your production computer (Choose Stage/Manage Display Computer/Remote Access, or use Ctrl-Shift-A shortcut)
    - you can also do it from your WATCHPAX by connecting a mouse, keyboard, and a single screen to it and pressing Ctrl-W when the WATCHOUT splash screen appears on the screen.
  2. Open startup script (File → Edit startup script)
  3. Remove comment indicators (";") from the example lines in a file.

setIP command accepts up to four arguments. The allowed formats are:

  • setIP <IP address>
  • setIP <IP address> <Subnet mask>
  • setIP <IP address> <Subnet mask> <Gateway IP address>
  • setIP <IP address> <Subnet mask> <Gateway IP address> <DNS IP address>

Example: setIP


Last Updated: 7 December 2021 11:56