Help with missing WIBUCM32.dll

When I try to start WATCHOUT, I get the following error message "The program can't start becauseWIBUCM32.dll is missing from your computer"?

The WIBUCM32.dll is related to the encryption/decryption of the WATCHOUT USB license key. Re-installing WATCHOUT will typically not resolve this issue. There are two ways to solve this:

WATCHOUT v5 and older:

Go to the WATCHOUT program install folder: yourProgramPath/Dataton>KeyInstaller Inside that folder, there is an .exe file: CodeMeterRuntime32.exe. Running this will replace the missing dll file.

WATCHOUT v6 and newer:

Download and install a new version of CodeMeter by Wibu:


Last Updated: 2 dec 2019 08:00