Factory reset on Dataton hardware

Sometimes you may be instructed by Dataton support to do a factory reset or re-image your Dataton hardware to solve a particular problem.

The process of re-imaging a WATCHPAX media server from Dataton is done in three steps:

Step 1: Create a bootable USB

An empty 16GB USB drive is required. There are two recommended ways to use an image to create a working bootable USB:

Step 2: Restore WATCHPAX Configuration

  • Turn off the unit
  • Insert the USB drive into the media server´s USB port
  • Plug in the power to the unit
  • The WATCHPAX/WATCHMAX will boot into the installer with progress bar


  • The unit will shut down by itself when done

Step 3: First Start

  • Remove the USB and power cycle WATCHPAX 
  • The unit might restart a few times while setting up for the first time
  • When completed, the standard WATCHOUT ready screen will be presented


Last Updated: 17 feb 2020 12:50