4:4:4 Color - which codec to use?

Do HAP codec, WATCHPAX 60 or WATCHMAX support 4:4:4 color ?

A prospect is "looking for a media playback solution which is able to handle tailor made video content of (3840 × 5) × 2160 in resolution, 60 fps and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, output through 5 UHD connections”

ProRes 4:4:4 will play in WATCHOUT, but we do not recommend using this codec.
HAP does not offer 4:4:4, mpeg 2 and 4 do not offer 4:4:4.

To run 5 channels 3840x2160 60 fps we would recommend image sequences and WATCHPAX 60 or WATCHMAX 2.0 servers. Image sequences area essentially 4:4:4:4 (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) and there is NO chroma subsampling (lossless).
For 5 channels several servers would be needed and care should be taken to accommodate the huge file storage this potentially requires by choosing the correct drive capacity as well as the option to utilize Genlock in order to achieve best synch.


Updated: August 24, 2020