When using a Dataton server it is important to ensure that you are running a supported version of WATCHOUT for your specific server.

If you install an unsupported version of WATCHOUT on your server this will impact performance and have consequences. Settings for some things, such as setting a fixed IP number will not work, you will get a warning saying that you are trying to use an unauthorized command. Other settings, such as capture and audio settings, will not be saved in the registry and will be erased between reboots.


Name / Server Model

Serial number Supported WATCHOUT versions
WATCHPAX 2 3362 WATCHOUT version 5.5 or higher
WATCHPAX 4 3364 WATCHOUT version 6.1.5
or higher
WATCHPAX 20 3363 WATCHOUT 6.2.2 or higher
WATCHMAX 2 3370 (A, B & C) WATCHOUT version 6.3 or higher
WATCHPAX 40 3364A WATCHOUT version 6.4 or higher
WATCHPAX 60 3368 (A, B & C) WATCHOUT 6.5 or higher


How do I know if my server is running an unsupported version?

When running an unsupported version of WATCHOUT, your server will not show its inherent serial number at start up (when the WATCHOUT splash screen appears) – simply put, it will no longer identify itself as a Dataton server.

To resolve this, check the table above and install a supported version of WATCHOUT.


Last Updated: 15 Dec 2020 09:23